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Service at the Noyelles sur Mer Chinese Cemetery

On 9th April 2017, Chinese authorities were joined by local French authorities in remembrance of the Chinese labourers who served during the Great War.

The Chinese labourers were employed by the French and British armies to work behind the lines, repairing roads and railway lines and working in ammunition depots, etc. It was here at Noyelles-sur-Mer that the largest Chinese labour camp was established; some 2,000 men lived and worked here out of a total of 140,000 men who were employed by the Allies. When the Armistice was signed, 96,000 men were still serving with the Chinese Labour Corps and were given the difficult job of clearing the battlefields. Living and working in difficult conditions, many died from illness like Spanish flu. 841 are buried in Noyelles-sur-Mer Chinese Cemetery, where a memorial commemorates 41 others who have no known grave.

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Service at the Noyelles sur Mer Chinese Cemetery

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