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Steam train of the Haute Somme

All aboard the Little Train of the Upper Somme and its steam and diesel locomotives, and discover the panoramic views of the Somme Valley and Santerre plateau.

The Little Train of the Upper Somme operates steam engines dating from the 1910s and diesel locomotives from the 1940s on a railway line constructed by the French and British Armies for the needs of the Battle of the Somme in 1916. The Little Train is located in the Somme Valley alongside the canal and ponds and also enables you to discover the different landscapes of the Santerre plateau. We have assembled the largest collection of narrow-gauge railway artefacts in Europe, which is presented in a museum of 1800 m2.


Why is this site ideal for school groups?

Because they can discover:
- All kinds of steam trains and railway material
- The Somme Valley and the Santerre Plateau
- An important aspect of the First World War

Tariffs / Information

Tariffs: 400€ package deal (train ride and museum visit) for up to 80 students
Over 80 students: €4.20 per additional student
Duration of visit: 2hrs
Free for accompanying adults: yes (1 free accompanying adult for 10 students; €7.20 per additional accompanying adult)
Free for chauffeur: yes
Catering services available on site: no
Picnic area: no
Accommodation :no
Educational workshops: no

Contact : Marie-Ange Blondin
Address: (for all correspondance)
BP 70106
80001 Amiens Cedex 1
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Email : appeva@club-internet.fr
Website : www.appeva.org
More : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpW2XJaBH6M