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Albert, 1916 Museum

Enter a tunnel dating from the 13th century, where you will find accurately produced dioramas recounting the lives of soldiers in the trenches during the offensive of the 1st July 1916.

The heart of the First World War battlefields

The Somme 1916 Museum welcomes you to the heart of the First World War battlefields.
We propose that you step a century into the past!
Descend 10 metres underground with your students and discover the lives of soldiers in the trenches. Dioramas, compelling displays, collections of weapons, moving artefacts and  photographs make up this visit of an underground gallery, over 250 metres in length, which comes to an end in the “Heroes’ Gallery”, dedicated to nine people who marked the war.
Become totally immersed in the history with our guides who will take you to explore the Remembrance Trail and the battlefields, cemeteries, trenches and memorials that remind us of the tragic offensive of the 1st July 1916.
To end the day, we propose a presentation about the frontline soldiers’ equipment and a film projection about the First World War.


Tariffs / Information

Visit (self-guided): 3.40 € / student
Guided tour: 3.40€ / student + 50€ for a guide (maximum of 25 pers. in group + accompanying adults)
Visit of the battlefields for a duration of 2.5hrs: 90 € / coach
Minimum amount of participants in group: 10
Length of visit: 1hr 15
Free for accompanying adults: 1 free for 10 paying - 5.50€ per additional adult
Free for chauffeur
No catering services available on site
Picnic areas available (2 air-conditioned rooms that can accommodate 110 people, reservation necessary)
Accommodation available at the International School Hotel, 5 mins walk away, or Ibis Hotel, 5 mins coach drive away
Educational workshops available (free please book in advance)
Group opening hours: 9am – 6pm from late January to mid-December

Why is this site ideal for school groups?

- The museum recounts the lives of soldiers during the First World War in a tunnel - an air-raid shelter from the Second World War.
- The museum is authentic and moving, with many scenes that are compelling and realistic due to the use of mannequins.
- Educational work sheets or guided tours, depending on the school level, are available.
- Guided tours are available in four languages (French, English, Dutch and German).
- The visit ends by walking through a Son et Lumière animation.
- An air-conditioned picnic room, leading to the public gardens, is available for lunches. (arboretum, waterfalls)
- No extra charge for the presentation of soldiers’ equipment or the film projection/documentaries.
- School groups can be accompanied by a guide on the battlefields.



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