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Fay Battlefield Remains

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Fay, on the French Front

Once the line became stabilised in October 1914, the immediate surroundings of the village shook with the deadly mine warfare of 1915. Located on the front line and in German hands from August 1914, it took fierce fighting by the French colonial troops to recapture Fay on 1st July 1916. At the time, the village nestled on a hillside in the depths of the valley. After the war, it was rebuilt a few hundred metres farther east, on the plateau.

Site of Remembrance

The remains of the former village of Fay now belong to the Somme Departmental Council, which has made the site accessible to the public. The ruined church illustrates the terrible damage inflicted on the territory during the war and highlights the incredible efforts that were made to rebuilt the area.

Useful Information

Free access all year round
Latitude 49.531251 / Longitude 2.481463

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POINT (2.8255828 49.8944841)