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Chateau of Bertangles

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Bertangles, un château sous le signe de la paix
Crédits photo : SommeTourisme-Samuel Crampon

Australian Corps Headquarters

In 1918, the Chateau of Bertangles was the Australian Corps Headquarters. Manfred von Richtofen, otherwise known as the Red Baron, was shot down near Corbie and later buried with full military honours in the cemetery at Bertangles. He was later moved to the Fricourt German Military Cemetery before being repatriated to Germany in 1925.
On the 12 August 1918, George V visited the chateau to give General Sir John Monash, the commander of the Australian Corps, his knighthood.
The chateau is listed as a ‘Historic Monument’ and during a visit documents and photographs are made available to illustrate this chapter of history.



From beginning of July to mid-August: open every day
From 12pm to 2pm: free visit of grounds
At 5.30pm: guided tour of the chateau and grounds.
Guided tours are available for groups over 20 upon reservation.

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