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The Gilson Photography Exhibition Officially Approved by the Mission du Centenaire

Crédit - Jean-Pierre Gilson
In 2014, the Somme Departmental Council commissioned a photography exhibition dedicated to the sites of remembrance of the First World War in the Somme. Its creation was entrusted to photographer Jean-Pierre Gilson, world-renowned for his landscape photography.
To allow them to be viewed by a wide public, the 25 black and white photographs were displayed on large banners in a street of Amiens from 8 November to 21st December 2014. They demonstrated the exceptional beauty of these famous or little known sites, helping to preserve the memory of the war.
To enable a greater number of people to become familiar with the sites of remembrance and Jean-Pierre Gilson’s work, the council has envisaged loaning this exhibition to organisations not just in the Somme but also further afield in 2016.
At the beginning of October 2015, the project was officially approved by the Mission du Centenaire, which was created by the French Government in 2012 for the preparations of the commemorative programme of the centenary of the First World War. It has thus been awarded the national centenary label for the creative approach that has been given to heightening awareness of the sites of remembrance.

The exhibition’s photographs can be viewed on Jean-Pierre Gilson’s website.


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The Gilson Photography Exhibition Officially Approved by the Mission du Centenaire
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