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From 24 April 2017 to 31 December 2018

Appearing from the walls and façades of Amiens, photographs of WW1 soldiers remind us of how they were billeted in this beautiful city during the First World War.

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From 03 January 2018 to 15 September 2018

The exhibition will be at the heart of an associated cultural program (conferences, conference visits, tactile visits, workshops, urban itineraries...).
This exhibition is bilingual (English-French).

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25 February 2018

In tribute to the Australian engagement in the First World War, 600 participants will walk from Villers-Bretonneux to the Australian National Memorial, where they will position themselves in order to spell the words "Do Not Forget Australia".

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What is happening locally
From 17 March 2018 to 25 March 2018

Walks, exhibitions, guided tours, entertainment, tasting of typical dishes and drinks, rallies : on the theme of Ireland.
In partnership with the International Animal Film Festival : FIFA

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