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Rose Somme 2016

Rose Somme 2016

Saturday 25 June 2016 - 14:30 to 17:00

Inspired by the national flowers of remembrance: the poppy for the British and Commonwealth countries, the cornflower for the French and the forget-me-not for the Germans, the 'Association Picarde des Parcs et Jardins' has created the "Rose Somme 2016".

This new rose pays tribute to all who fought in the terrible Battle of the Somme in 1916, regardless of their ethnicity, nationality or religion. The aim of this rose is to become the emblem of unity and peace. Its crimson colour also reminds us of the blood that was spilled in this area.

It will be unveiled during ceremonies in the German, British and French military cemeteries of Rancourt, a small village to the north of Péronne.

The Ceremonies - 25 July 2016

2.30pm at the German cemetery

3.10pm at the British cemetery

3.40pm at the Souvenir Français Chapel of Remembrance

4pm at the French cemetery

For parking reasons, it is recommended that guests travel to the German cemetery from the direction of Combles.

If you would like to plant this rose with its delicate peppery aroma in your garden as an emblem of peace, please contact the Association Picarde des Parcs et Jardins: +33 (0)6 43 87 40 28

This project has received the official Mission Centenaire 14-18 label and the support of the Somme Departmental Council.

Venue of event: 
French, British & german cemeteries
80360 Rancourt