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Remembrance walk for Cecil Healy

Remembrance walk for Cecil Healy

Saturday 1 September 2018 - 10:00 to 19:00

For the centenary period, the cities of Péronne and Assevillers organize a commemorative march in the opposite direction, thus connecting Péronne to the Assevillers New British Cemetery, to pay tribute to the soldiers who died to liberate Péronne. Among them is Cecil Healy, the only Australian Olympic champion who died in action.

Commemorative march / Saturday 1st September 2018 :

10h : Walkers park their cars in Assevillers
11h : The walkers go by bus (free) to the church of Mont Saint Quentin, Péronne.
12h : Walkers eat their meals on site before the walk
13h : Start of the walk (approx. 15km, route will pass through the monument to the 2nd Australian Division, the centre of Péronne, the Somme, Biaches…)
16h30-17h : Arrival at the Assevillers New British Cemetery
17h : Ceremony at Assevillers
18h : Inauguration of the exhibition “Cecil Healy, when a champion becomes a soldier” (Assevillers Town Hall)
19h : Concert of the brass band of Amiens (Brass Band) in the church of Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption in Assevillers.

Free admission.
More informations here

Cecil Healy Association
03 22 85 91 38
Venue of event: 
Mairie d’Assevillers
1, Rue d’Herbécourt
80200 Assevillers