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Les Femmes de l'Effort - Show

Les Femmes de l'Effort - Show

Friday 11 November 2016 - 16:00 to 17:00

A show with music and theatre

Original creation of the Compagnie P14, combining theatre and music, giving voice to the women of 1914. This show is themed on the lives of 20 women who were caught up in the torment of war.

With « Les Femmes de l'Effort we wanted to make spectators reflect on total warfare, life in the rear, the role of women as pillars of society and men as canon fodder.

This show is supported by the Mission du Centenaire 14-18

by Mylène Gueriot

Directed by: Mylène Gueriot
with Christophe Camier, Hélène Cauêt, Marie Deray and Fabrice Petit
Lighting: Matthieu Emielot
Production manager: Karine Thénard-Leclerc

Duration: 1 hour

For more information, please contact compagniep14@gmail.com


association compagnie P14
Venue of event: 
Salle Louis Aragon
Place du général Leclerc
80334 Canon