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Commemoration of French Mobilisation at Pozières

Commemoration of French Mobilisation at Pozières

Saturday 19 July 2014 - 15:00 to 19:00

Many activities and events will be held on the village square to demonstrate the atmosphere that could be felt there during mobilisation.

  • Review Board and traditional events
  • The assassination of Jean Jaurès
  • Departure of soldiers
  • Installation of military camps
  • The first skirmishes with the Germans

The day will end with the performance of a play by the Compagnie du Zèbre à Bascule: Ménard, un Sacré Zèbre

Commune de Pozières / The Digger Cote 160 Place de la Mairie
03 22 75 16 42
Venue of event: 
Place de la Mairie
80300 Pozières