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Australia Week

Australia Week

From Friday 20 April 2018 to Sunday 29 April 2018

To accompany the Anzac Day commemorations, the municipality of Villers-Bretonneux and local associations hold a week of commemorative events including sporting events, walks and concerts.

“A flower for our Heroes”: For the duration of Australia week, take a moment to reflect in front of the fields of Remembrance placed around Villers-Bretonneux, created by numerous volunteers from the town and the surrounding villages.


Friday 20 April :
8:30 pm: Australia – Play by the children of the community – Market Hall (Place Général de Gaulle)
Saturday 21 April :
9:00 am: Walk from Le Hamel to Vaux sur Somme followed by an inauguration of a remembrance stone
6:00 pm: Documentary on the life of Manfred Von Richthofen by Peter Moers. Followed by the Film “The Red Baron” directed by Nikolai Müllerschön (in French) – Salle des Fêtes in Vaux sur Somme
9:00 pm: Concert featuring “l’Orchestre de cuivre d’Amiens” & “Ensemble Musical de Corbie”, directed by Eric Brise & Eric Basset – Market Hall (Place Général de Gaulle)
Sunday 22 April :
9:00 am: 11km Memorial to Memorial Cross-country walk (National Australian Memorial near Villers Bretonneux to Australian Memorial Park in Le Hamel) - Meeting point at the Market Hall (Place Général de Gaulle) in Villers-Bretonneux where a shuttle service will take you to Le Hamel for the beginning of the walk.
11:30 am: Refreshments will be offered to the hikers followed by the Opening of the Exhibition "First Tank to Tank Battle" Victoria Hall (Rue du Victoria)
2:00 pm: Initiation Didgeridoo – Market Hall (Place Général de Gaulle)
8:30 pm: Conference on the First Tank to Tank Battle by Valentin Piermé (in French) Market Hall (Place Général de Gaulle)
Sunday 22 – Monday 23 April :
10:00am – 6:00pm: Exhibition “First Tank to Tank Battle” – Victoria Hall (Rue du Victoria)
Monday 23 April :
10:00am - 5:00 pm: Guided tour (in French) in a horse draw carriage around the town centre of Villers-Bretonneux, pick up point at the town hall.
2:00 pm: Initiation Cricket – Sade Timmerman (Route de Péronne)
8:30 pm: Concert featuring the Voices of Birralee Choir Market hall (Place Général de Gaulle)
Tuesday 24 April :
2:00 pm: Initiation Footy – Stade Timmerman (Route de Péronne)
Wednesday 25 April : ANZAC DAY:
The official ANZAC Day Dawn Service
Australian National Memorial
2:00 am: Pre-service commemorative program commences (TBC)
4:30 am: All public to be seated
5:30 am: Dawn Service commences

Local ceremony
8:30 am: Wreath laying Ceremony at the local French war monument – Town Hall Square (Place Général de Gaulle)
9:00 am: Traditional ANZAC day concert featuring The Republican Gard directed by Lieutenant-colonel Antoine LANGAGNE accompanied by the Children’s choir of Cachy and Villers-BretonneuxMarket Hall (Place Général de Gaulle)

10th Anzac Cup
11:15 am: Departure of the ANZAC Cup procession - Franco-Australian museum (rue du Victoria)
12:00 pm: Opening ceremony - Stade Timmerman (route de Péronne)
12:15 pm: Women's Footy match - Stade Timmerman (route de Péronne)
2:30 pm: Men's Footy match - Stade Timmerman (route de Péronne)
4:30 pm: Trophy ceremony
*Traditional ANZAC Day BBQ available on site during the matches*
*All events are free entrance, except BBQ*

A tourist information point will be open opposite the town hall:
  • Monday 23 April from 2pm to 5pm,
  • Tuesday 24 April from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 5pm
  • Wednesday 25 April from 7.30am to 3pm

Free admission to each of these events

For more information, please visit www.villers-bretonneux.com

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