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Armistice Day - 11 November - Events & Commemorations

Armistice Day - 11 November - Events & Commemorations

Saturday 11 November 2017 - From 08h00 to 23h00

On 11th November 1918, four long years of war were brought to an end when the Armistice was signed in a railway carriage at Rethondes near Compiègne. This historic date was made a public holiday in France and today marks an important occasion for local inhabitants to gather at their war memorials and cemeteries in remembrance of the fallen.

Small ceremonies and remembrance parades are also held in each town and village of the Somme on the 11th November. Visitors will be made most welcome if they wish to attend these commemorative events. Here's a selection:


in Albert and surrounding villages


  •  Albert:

9.30 am : Ceremony at the Basilique
11am : parade from place Emile Leturcq to french and british cemeteries

  • Arquèves War Memorial : 11am
  • Authuille Parade  : 11am
  • Beaumont-Hamel War Memorial : 11.30am
  • Becourdel Becourt : 11am : war memorial and British cemetery
  • Bray-sur-Somme: 10.30 parade to war memorial
  • Cappy: 9.30 parade to war memorial
  • Contalmaison 11.30 : war memorial
  • Étinehem-Méricourt 12.00 : reading of 4 soldiers biographies and exhibition about the war memorial, in the communal room
  • Forceville-en-Amiénois war memorial : 11am, walk to the british cemetery
  • Harponville 11.30 am : gathering at the town hall, war memorial and cemeteries services
  • Hédauville 11am : parade from the town hall to the war memorial and british cemetery
  • Louvencourt : 11:45 : wreath laying athe War Memorial and parade to British cemetery
  • Mametz War Memorial : 11am
  • Maricourt Cemetery wreath laying : 11am
  • Millencourt War Memorial and British Cemetery : 11am
  • Montauban-de-Picardie War Memorial : 11am
  • Ovillers-la-Boisselle :

10.15 am: Ovillers War Memorial
10.30 am : military cemetery
10.45 am : civil cemetery
11am : calvaire breton
11.20am : parade to La Boisselle
11.40am : War Memorial
11.55am : la Madelon
12.10am: 19th Western Division Cross
12.20am : civil cemetery
12.25am :  Tyneside Scottish, Tyneside Irish Memorials
2.30pm: Lochnagar Crater

  • Bouzincourt :

11am : gathering at the town hall, parade to the war memorial and british cemetery
11.30 : photo projection of the 11th November 2016 at the communal room

  • Mailly-Maillet :

11.30 am : communal cemetery, wreath laying at the british cemetery
12.00am : parade from the town hall to the War Memorial, wreath laying

  • Pozières :

11am : French war memorial
11.30 : Australian war memorial

  • Puchevillers British cemetery : 11.30, War Memorial : 12am
  • in Amiens
  • 8:30am: walk from the Comédie de Picardie to the Place du Maréchal Foch, through the "Parmi Nous" exhibition, with the artist Jérôme Toq’R « Koklyko »
  • 10:00am: commemoration in Saint-Acheul cemetery
  • 11:15am: commemoration at the Amiens War Memorial, Place du Marechal Foch, with 240 children of Amiens schools
  • in Corbie
  • 9:45am: wreath laying, Rue des longues vignes cemetery
  • 10:00am: walk from the Höxter Corvey street
  • 10:30am: wreath laying ceremony at the War Memorial - readings, national anthems
  • 10:45am: baking distribution to children - Adalhard Center
  • in Villers-Bretonneux
  • 9:45am: gathering place du général de Gaulle
  • 10:00am: wreath laying at the War Memorial


 Other events on 11th November 2017

Albert : Meeting of historians of WWI - Théâtre du jeu de paume - from 3pm to 7.30 pm

3.10 pm :
"Les gueules cassées" - Catherine Payen, Roger Routier
Auchonvillers War Memorial - Daniel Wintrebert
4.25pm :
Australian inscriptions at Millencourt - Marie-Thérèse Contois and Christian Libessart
Animal war memorials, inscriptions, bunkers, items recovered - Marie Josée Jacquemont, Jean-Paul Del Mistro, Ghislain Lobel
6pm :
Concert "Lettres en bataille" - Warren Bauwens
Roye Orchestra, music by Eric Bourdet, lyrics by Sébastien Gaudefroy
More information : 0033 3 22 75 16 42 - www.centenaire-somme.com

Historial Museum of the Great War, Péronne

Movie and music - 3pm
"Condamnés - Les Russes en France", russian film by Lev Pouch and Goskinprom Gruzii, presented by the historial Alexandre Sumpf
Piano by Thomas Lavoine
Free.  Reservations: program@historial.org or 0033 3 22 83 14 18

Gerda Henkel Scholarships - 5pm
Scholarships attributed by the International Research Center of the Historial Museum of the Great War to PhD students who study WWI.
Free.  Reservations: program@historial.org or 0033 3 22 83 14 18

Photo exhibition at Thiepval - Fabrice Colson - "Another look - Un autre regard" - From 11th November to 18th November
Through this exhibition of rare photographs and images, visitors can discover battlefields they wouldn’t otherwise be able to see.
Free admission

12th November - Conference in English - Tim Wright - "Through the eyes of the fallen  /  Histoires d’objets, histoires de soldats"
11am, Thiepval. Through personal belongings, a British guide and collector shares the life stories of several Missing soldiers whose names are inscribed on the Thiepval Memorial.

More information on the Historial Museum of the Great War website.


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Towns and villages
80000 Somme