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Alexandre Zinoview Exhibition - Historial of the Great War

Alexandre Zinoview Exhibition - Historial of the Great War

From Thursday 18 May 2017 to Sunday 10 December 2017

Zinoview Exhibition – the Theatre of War


From 18 May to 10 December 2017, the Historial, Museum of the Great War invites you to view the exceptional artwork of Russian artist Alexandre Zinoview, in an exhibition created by Alexandre Sumpf and Cécile Pichon-Bonin.

Alexandre Zinoview was born in Russia in 1889 and moved to Paris in 1908. Living at the very heart of bohemian Montparnasse, he met the likes of Picasso, Foujita and Diego Rivera. In the artistic fervent of the time, he exhibited his work in galleries, but also worked for secret Tsarist police services, for whom he spied upon Russian revolutionists in exile.

When the First World War broke out, Zinoview decided to volunteer for the war effort and, like Blaise Cendrars, joined the French Foreign Legion. He was first sent to the Champagne front, where he joined the Russian ambulance service in 1915. His time with the Russian Expeditionary Corps (1916-1917) coincided with the Russian Revolution and La Courtine mutiny. At the end of 1918, after long months in hospital, Zinoview left for the United States with a delegation of the Legion to promote the last war loan. The Armistice found him in Canada, anxious about his return to civilian life as his service as a double agent had been exposed.

A multi-faceted artist, Zinoview employed a great number of techniques and used various types of material. Zinoview was able to construct a veritable theatre through the composition of his art and the poses that he gave to his characters. This is his own personal theatre where he portrayed not only his fantasies and visions of humanity, but also the theatre of operations, nationalisms and political passions, collective suffering, singular emotions and individual fates. This exhibition studies the exceptional life of this man and his artistic journey, where painting, graphic design and photography inspired one another.

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Historial, Museum of the Great War
Péronne Castle
80200 Péronne