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A Special Edition of the Vivre en Somme Magazine devoted to the Centenary

couv hors série

For the centenary of the Battle of the Somme (1916-2016), one of the bloodiest battles of the Great War, the Somme Departmental Council is releasing a special edition of its magazine entitled Vivre en Somme - The Battle of the Somme 1916-2016.

This special edition of 32 illustrated pages of maps, photos and archive documents explains the history of the Battle of the Somme, presenting the armies that fought in the battle, and the strategies and military innovations that evolved during the campaign.

It also touches of the lives of the French living behind the battle lines, post-war reconstruction and artistic works and creations.

The sites of remembrance of the various nations who fought here are not forgotten, and the magazine also provides a range of ideas to help its readers learn more about the history of the Somme and ensure that the men involved are never forgotten.

This special edition has been published in French and English and is available in tourist offices, sites of remembrance and the Maison de la Somme in Amiens.